Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘J’

Name Meaning
Jaabir Consoler
Jaafar Rivulet
Jaah It means magnificence or splendour
Jaamal A hand- some man
Jaareh One who wounds and bruises
Jabari A valiant man
Jabbar Mighty
Jabir Consoler
Jafar Rivulet
Jaffar It means
Jahmal Handsome
Jahmil A hand- some man
Jakeem Raised up
Jalaal Glory of the faith
Jalal Glory of the faith
Jaleel Great
Jalil Great
Jalill An important woman ; one who is exalted
Jam A hand- some man
Jamaal Beauty
Jamaal Udeen Beauty of the faith
Jamael Handsome
Jamahl Handsome
Jamail A hand- some man
Jamal Beauty
Jamal al Din Beauty of the faith
Jamall A hand- some man
Jameel Beautiful
Jamel Handsome
Jamil Beautiful
Jamile Handsome
Jamille Beautiful
Jammal A hand- some man
Jammas The name is used to imply a naughty and bubbly boy
Jammy A hand- some man
Jamy A hand- some man
Jansher Lives like a majestic lion
Jarrar Attractive
Jasser Fearless
Jawad The Quranic name of Arabic origin means ‘noble’
Jawdat One who is superior jaudat
Jawhar Jewel
Jemal Handsome
Jesenia Jasmine flower
Jessamyn Fragrant flower
Jibreel The Arabic origin name means ‘God is my strength’.
Jibri Refers to the archangel gabriel
Jibril Archangel of allah(gabriel)
Jihad Struggle
Jnhih Sun
Jumah Born on friday
Junayd A warrior

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