Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘Q’,Meanings

Name Meaning
Qaabiz It means the special one among the ninety
Qabid One boy who is blessed by Allah
Qadarat A lover of nature
Qadhi He who judges situations with justice
Qadi He who can judge the life
Qadir Capable
Qahhar A dominant person and stringent follower of Allah
Qahir One who conquers victoriously
Qahtan A traditional tribe in Arabia
Qaid One who can command his men
Qaimaq The bestower of goodness
Qais He who is firm
Qaisar Another form of Caesar
Qajeer Gul A lovable person who cares for his children
Qalam One who carves beautifully with a pen
Qalandar He who lives alone
Qamar Born beneath the moon
Qamar Being like a moon
Qamirah He who is shining like moonlight
Qammar It resembles the qualities of the lunar month
Qamrun As calm like a moon
Qanit Obedient and Humble man
Qaraja Living under the power of Allah
Qareeb One who near to God
Qarin One who is impatient like the Sea
Qarun A man rich in his soul
Qasam The person who takes oath in life
Qaseem He who divides justly
Qasid Messenger of God
Qasidul Haq He who spreads the world of Allah
Qasim Divider
Qatadah A hardwood tree
Qateel He who sacrifices his life for Allah
Qawee The powerful follower of Allah
Qawi A man who is firm and strong by heart
Qays Firm
Qazi One who is just and kind
Qazzafi Wide
Qidam So powerful and respected by all
Qindil The light of the family
Qismat Lives by accepting thy destiny
Quak One who sounds like a duck
Quamar Born beneath the moon
Quarbaan Ready to sacrifice life for a cause
Quasim Old generation
Qubul One who can accept change and concurrence
Qudamah Courage
Qudoos He who is holy follower of God
Qudwa Being an example for society
Qumrah The person who is graced by the beauty of the moonlight
Qunbar The one who resembles by the quality of turnstone
Quraish Lives to earn and gain successfully
Qurashim The symbol of love
Qurban He who is ready to be a sacrifice for God
Qureshi Leader in a tribe
Qurram The one who is happy always
Qusta The male meaning for majestic
Qutaiba Irritable
Qutaybah Irritable
Qutb The leader who is a celebrity also
Qutbah A personality that everyone is proud of
Qutbuddin He who is leader of Islam
Qutub A tall person
Qutuz Firm as a rock
Quzam Quick to take decisions

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