A Complete List of Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘T’

Name Meaning
Taabish One who behaves well
Taafeef A good hymn of God
Taahir Chaste
Taajwar One who has power to rule a kingdom
Taalim The name means the one who rise high up
Taamir One who knows dates
Taatheer One who is successful in producing a desired result
Tabaarak A highly respected and blessed soul
Tabari A famous historian
Tabarik One who is highly exalted
Tabeed One who shines like a glitter
Tabrez Challenging
Tabsheer A person who brings good news.
Tahfeez One who is praiseworthy
Tahir Pure
Tahseen Beautification ; one who is praised
Tahsin Beautification ; one who is praised
Tajeddin One who wears the religious crown
Takfren One who is born to help the needy
Talal Nice
Talha Kind of tree
Talib Seeker of truth
Talq One who is a cheerful and joyful man
Talum One who is sympathetic
Tamam Generous
Tamanni One who is hopeful and wishful
Tamir One who owns date palm trees
Tamwar One who is highly successful
Tanizia Tanizia is the name of a flower in Lebanon.
Tanveer Enlightened
Tanwir One who is the enlightened one
Tanzeel Tanzeel is an Arabic term for revelation of holy Quran.
Tanzilurrahman One who is most merciful
Tareef Rare
Tarek Morning star
Tareq Morning star
Tarfah Kind of tree
Tarif Rare
Tariq Name of a star
Tasallee One who is the source of satisfaction and comfort
Taseel One who is strong willed
Tashfeen A kind-hearted and helpful being
Tashfin A warm-hearted and kind person
Tasif One who is intelligent
Tasnim From the fountain of paradise
Tawaddud One who is full of love and affection
Tawfeeq The Quranic name of Arabic origin for boys means ‘success’
Tawfiq Success
Tawkeel One who has great belief in Allah
Tawwab One who is forgiving
Tayeb One who is kind and benevolent
Taymallah One who is the servant of Allah
Taymullah Servant of god
Tayseer Facilitation
Taysir Facilitation
Tayyib Good or delicate
Tazeem A person of high distinction and esteem
Tazeen One who is beautiful and adorned
Teslim One who loves peace
Teufik One who is blessed with good fortune
Thaabit Firm
Thaaqib One who shines like a star
Thabit Firm
Thalat One who is devoted to Allah
Thameem One who is beloved and perfect
Thamen Holy name of Allah
Thameur One who is very productive
Thami One who loves peace
Thaqaf One who excels in everything
Thaqib Shooting star
Thawr One who makes peace
Thiba One who is honest and of high intellect

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