Unique Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘W’

Name Meaning
Wa’il Coming back for shelter
Waa’il Coming back for shelter
Waahid Single
Waaiz The one who will advise his people
Wadee Calm
Wadi Calm
Wadood A good companion
Waf One who is loyal and devoted
Wafadar One who is loyal and devoted
Wafeeq Successful
Wafi One who is trustworthy
Wafiq A triumphant and affluent being
Wahab A bighearted man
Wahdan One who is outstanding and noteworthy
Wahdat A unified spirit
Waheed One who is unique
Wahid Singular
Wajeeh Noble
Wajid One who acquires
Wajih Noble
Wakeel A lawyer ; a trustee
Wakil Lawyer
Waleed Newborn child
Wali-ud-din One who is the protector of religion or faith
Walid Newborn child
Waliyudeen Supporter of the faith
Waliyullah Supporter of god
Walliyullah Supporter of god
Waqar Dignity
Waqqad One who is full of wisdom
Waseem Graceful
Wasif One who praises
Wasim Graceful
Wassi One who is wise and broad minded
Wazir Minister

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