Latest Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘Y’

Name Meaning
Ya He who supplants
Ya’qub Arabic form of jacob
Yaamir Blessed by moonlight
Yaaqub Name of a prophet in Islam
Yaaseen One of the prophet muhammad’s names
Yaasir One who is well-off financially
Yafir One who leaves a mark
Yahyaa A prophet’s name
Yahyah A prophet’s name
Yakoob One who is the successor
Yaman Proper name
Yamar High-spirited being
Yaqinul Islam One who is a great believer of the religion
Yaqoob He who supplants
Yaqoot Yaqoot is a name that means ‘precious gem’
Yaqub He who supplants
Yaqut Yaqut is a precious gem
Yasaar Ease
Yasar Wealth
Yaseen One of muhammad’s names
Yaseer One who is wealthy and prosperous
Yaser One who is wealthy and prosperous
Yasiin A wealthy man
Yasin One of muhammad’s names
Yasine A wealthy man
Yasir Wealthy
Yasser Wealth
Yassin A wealthy man
Yassine A wealthy man
Yassir One who is well-off financially
Yawer One who is a great helper and harvester
Yazan One who is determined
Yazeed God will increase
Yazid God will increase
Yesenia Flora
Yesoob Leading light of the universe
Yessenia Jasmine flower
Yoonus A prophet’s name
Yoosuf A prophet’s name
Yossef God will add
Youssef Arabic form of joseph
Yunus A prophet’s name
Yusef Arabic form of joseph
Yushua God saves
Yusu Arabic form of joseph
Yusuf A prophet’s name(joseph)

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