Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘Z’

Name Meaning
Zaabit Clever Man
Zaad Victory
Zaaef One who is sociable and gracious
Zaafer One who is helpful and a great partner
Zaafir Victorious
Zaahid Abstemious
Zaahir Bright
Zaakir Rememberer of Allah
Zaarib One who is a great Warrior
Zabian One who worships celestial bodies
Zabien One who worships celestial bodies
Zabir The person who have Religious Knowledge
Zaden To increase; grow in stature
Zadfar A glorious birth
Zaeem The Quranic name means ‘leader’
Zafar The conquerer ; a victorious man
Zafeer The indirect Quranic name for boys means ‘always victorious’
Zafer One who is victorious
Zafir The indirect Quranic name means ‘victor’
Zafran Derived from Zarparan for gold stigma of flower.
Zafrul One who is honest
Zahan Gift of god
Zaheer A radiant and flourishing man;
Zahi Bright and shining
Zahid Self-denying or ascetic
Zahier A radiant and flourishing man
Zahil Zahil is a Muslim boy’s name meaning calm
Zahir Bright
Zahire A radiant and flourishing man
Zahirul One who is the prominent follower
Zahrun One who blossoms like a flower
Zahuk One who laughs often; joyous
Zahur One who is like an angel; bright-faced
Zaid Increase
Zaifullah One who is under the special care and protection of Allah
Zaigham Lion
Zaim Brigadier general
Zaimuddin One who is the leader of the religion
Zain Ul Abideen Adornment of the worshipers or one who is a source of pride for the Muslims.
Zaine God is Gracious
Zainul One who is elegant and intelligent
Zakariya A prophet’s name
Zakariyya A prophet’s name
Zakawat One who is intelligent
Zakhif One who is marvellous
Zakhil A bright and rosy beginning
Zaki Intelligent
Zakiy Pure
Zakwan One who is sharp-witted and intellgent
Zaland A bright or dazzling light
Zalool One who is noble and honest
Zamaair T means ‘ones conscience’ or ‘ones heart’
Zamaar One who has great courage
Zameel One who is graceful
Zami One who is graceful and helpful
Zamin One who is grounded and honest
Zamurad Precious like a diamond
Zamurah One who sparkles like the stars
Zaqawat A wise and prudent soul
Zaram A unique blessing or gift
Zarfaat As precious as Diamond
Zarghun One with great values
Zarhawar One who is fearless and adventurous
Zariah Blossom
Zarif One who is humorous
Zarkanay As precious as gold
Zarmast Full of life
Zarrar One who is a great warrior
Zauqi Full of life and high-spirited
Zayd Increase
Zayn Beauty
Zayyan Wild jasmine
Zayyir One who is wise
Zebadiyah Gift of God
Zee Shah One who is cherished and adored
Zeebaq A precious stone
Zeeshan Person who stay with style
Zehab A precious gem
Zehan Bright-faced angel
Zenith The highest point
Zerdad One who is a great leader and helps mankind
Zgard One who leads his life without fear; A strong-willed individual
Ziad One who betters himself ; growth
Ziah One who emanates light ; splendor
Ziarmal One who is honest and works hard
Ziauddin Leading light of faith or religion
Ziaul Haq True light of the world
Ziaur Rahman Light of the most gracious (Allah)
Zibal One who is dignified and honest
Zihayr One who is brilliant or shining.
Zihni One who is highly intelligent
Zijad One who leads from the front; a great leader
Zikri One who is a great follower of Allah
Zillullah One who is under the shelter of the Almighty
Zillur Rahman One who is the face of the Allah
Zimr A lionhearted and daring individual
Zimraan One who is highly honored
Zishan A peaceful respectable person
Ziya Light
Ziyaad One who betters himself ; growth
Ziyaam One who has high esteem or regard
Ziyaan One who is modest and stylish
Ziyad Super abundance
Ziyadatullah Blessed with abundance by the Almighty
Zmaray A mighty ruler
Zohran The first ray of light
Zonash A loving being
Zoraiz The one who spreads light
Zubair One who is pure
Zubayr One who is pure
Zubeen Zubeen means
Zuehb A wise and honest being
Zufar Brave
Zuhair Bright
Zuhayr Bright
Zukaurrahman Gift of Allah
Zulfi A mighty conqueror
Zunaid A mighty warrior

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