Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘F’


Name Meaning
Faakhira An excellent and pious woman
Faaria A beautiful woman who is tall and slim
Faatima The perfect woman
Faatimah The perfect woman
Faatin Captivating
Faatina Captivating
Fadheela Virtuous
Fadhila A woman who is the personification of abundance
Fadilah Virtuous
Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice
Faheeda Curious
Fahima The perfect woman
Fahm Intellect
Fahmeeda A wise girl
Fahna A thought is extinction of oneself before their loved one dies
Faiha Sweet smell from heaven
Fainusia Evolved from a beautiful soul
Faiza Victorious; winner
Faizah Victorious
Falak Star
Falga A helpful mind and pleasing personality
Falguni Beautiful gem of a person
Falki Approachable person
Fan One who is free
Farah Joy
Fareeda Unique
Fareeha Happy
Farha A girl who is happy
Farhat A life filled with grandeur
Farhi Glad
Farhina Happiness*
Fari A joyful lady
Faridah Unique
Farihah Happy
Fariya A happy person
Farjana Wise and intelligent person
Farsana Very generous by heart
Farwa Blessed with wealth
Faryal A symbol of angelic beauty
Farzana One with a lot of intelligence
Farzin One who will protect
Faseela One who will be successful for long
Faseena Happy and versatile person
Fasil Unique personality
Fatema A captivating person
Fathia Victory
Fathima Beautiful person
Fathiya One who wins victory after victory; fem. of Fathi.
Fatima Accustom; daughter of the prophet (pbuh)
Fatimah Accustom; daughter of the prophet (pbuh)
Fatin or Fatinah Captivating
Fatina A captivating woman
Fattima The perfect woman
Fawzia Winner
Fawziya Successful
Fawziyyah Successful
Fazeela Faithful*
Fellah Arabian jasmine
Feryal Possessing the beauty of light
Firdaus From the garden in paradise
Firdaws Highest garden in paradise
Firdoos Highest garden in paradise
Firyal Name
Fizza Nature
Fizzah Silver
Foram Fragrance
Foziah One who is successful
Franchelle A captivating woman

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