Muslim Baby Girl Names, Meanings – Starting with ‘K’

Name Meaning
Kaamla Perfect
Kadira Powerful
Kaia Stability
Kalila Sweetheart
Kalilah Dearly loved
Kamal Lotus
Kameela Most perfect
Kamilah Perfect
Kamilla Perfection
Kaneeza Servant
Kanizah Young girl
Kare Very generous
Kareema Generous
Karida Untouched
Karima Noble
Karimah Generous
Kawkab Satellite
Kawthar River in paradise
Khadeeja First wife of the prophet
Khadijah First wife of the prophet
Khairiya Charitable
Khalida Immortal
Khalidah Immortal
Khawlah Proper name
Khayriyyah Charitable
Khulood Immortality
Khulud Immortality
Kiah A new beginning
Kouri A spiritual man ; a priest
Kouther River in jennah (paradise)
Kulthoom Daughter of the prophet
Kulthum Daughter of the prophet
Kyna Intelligence

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