Complete List and Meaning of Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘L’

Name Meaning
Labiba Having great wisdom ; one who is intelligent
Lakeshia Alive
Lakia Treasure
Lama Darkness of lips
Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamis Soft to the touch
Lamya Dark-lipped
Lamyah Having lovely dark lips
Lamyia Having lovely dark lips
Lateefa Gentle
Latifah Gentle
Layla (born at) night
Laylaa Born at night
Laylla Born at night
Leeila Born at night
Leena Devoted;Tender
Leila (born at) night
Leilah Born at night
Leilla Born at night
Lina Tender
Lubaaba The innermost essence
Lubabah The innermost essence
Luloah A pearl
Lulu Pearls
Lumina Of the glowing light of the moon

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