Trending and Unique Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘R’, Meanings

Name Meaning
Ra’idah Leader
Raaida Leader
Raawiya Transmitter (of ancient arabic poetry)
Rabab White cloud
Rabeea Garden
Rabi’ah Garden
Rabiah The Arabic origin name means ‘firmly set in place’ ‘stable’.
Radeyah Content
Radhiya Content
Radhiyaa Content; satisfied
Radhwa A mountain in medina
Radwa A mountain in medina
Raeleah Rays of sunshine
Raesha Resembling a young gazelle
Rafa Happiness; prosperity
Rafia An exalted woman
Raghd Pleasant
Raheema A compassionate woman ; one who is merciful
Rahima A compassionate woman ; one who is merciful
Rahimah Merciful
Raisha Resembling a young gazelle
Raja Hopeful
Rajaa One who is filled with hope rajah
Rana To gaze
Rand Tree of good scent
Raniya Gazing
Raniyah Gazing
Rasha Young gazelle
Rasheeda Wise
Rashia Resembling a young gazelle
Rashida Wise
Rawdah Garden
Rawdha Garden
Rawiyah Transmitter of ancient arabic poetry
Raya Flow; sated with drink
Raysha Resembling a young gazelle
Rayya Sated with drink
Raziya A happy and chosen soul
Reeda In god’s favor
Reem Gazelle
Reema White antelope
Resha Line
Resham Silk
Reshma Silky
Rida The name means ‘the state of being obedient toward God’
Rihana Sweet basil
Rim Gazelle
Rima White antelope
Rita Short form of Latin word Margarita meaning ‘Pearl’; In Sanskrit it means Enlightened
Rizwana The name means ‘angel’ or ‘guard of paradise’.Rizwana is of Arabic origin.
Rohin Rising
Roshna Light
Ruhani Spiritual; sacred; divine
Ruhee A spiritual woman
Rukan Steady
Runa Sixth month
Ruqaya Gentle; daughter of the prophet
Ruqayah A gentle woman ; a daughter of muhammad
Ruqayya A gentle woman ; a daughter of muhammad
Ruqayyah Gentle; daughter of the prophet
Ruwayda Walking gently
Ruwaydah Walking gently

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