Complete List of Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘T’ and Meanings

Name Meaning
Taahira Pure
Taaliba One who seeks knowledge
Tabasumm Sweet smile
Tahira Pure
Tahirah Pure
Taj Crown
Takiyah Pious
Taletha A maiden ; young girl
Talethia A maiden ; young girl
Taliba One who seeks knowledge
Talibah Seeker after knowledge
Taliha One who seeks knowledge
Talitha A maiden ; young girl
Talithia A maiden ; young girl
Tamadhur Proper name
Tanaz Delicate body
Taroob Merry
Tarub Merry
Tarz Music rythem
Tasneem From the fountain of paradise
Thana Gratitude
Thanaa Thankfulness
Thanna Gratitude
Thara One who is wealthy ; prosperous
Tharaa Wealth
Thuraya Star
Thurayya Star

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