Unique and Best Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘W’

Name Meaning
Waafiyah One who is loyal and devoted
Waddia One who is good-natured and easy-going
Wafa Faithfulness
Wafaa One who is faithful ; devoted
Wafeeqa Successful
Wafiqa A victorious and successful person
Wafiqah Successful
Wafiya Loyal
Wafiyyah Loyal
Wahibah Giver
Wajeedah One who is loving and full of life
Wajeeha Eminent
Wajiha One who is distinguished ; eminent
Wajihah Eminent
Walidah Newborn
Waliyah A princess;One who looks like an angel
Warda Rose
Wardah Rose
Waseela The name is of Arabaic origin meaning ‘means for being closer to Allah’.
Wasifi One who is highly exalted
Wateeb Heart
Widad Love
Wijdan Ecstacy
Wisaal Communion in love
Wisal Communion in love
Wiyyam One who is sincere and adorable
Worda Rose

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