A Complete List of Unique Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings – Starting with ‘Z’

Name Meaning
Zaaba A precious gem
Zaafira Victorious
Zaafirah One who is victorious or successful
Zaahira Zaahira means a beautiful flower
Zaahirah An outstanding helper
Zabya Zabya means a beautiful gazelle
Zada The lucky one
Zaeemah An extraordinary leader
Zafeera One who is a source of success; Triumphant
Zafeerah One who is firm
Zafirah Victorious
Zahaa Zahaa is the name of a girl meaning morning
Zahaan One who has great insight and perceptive
Zahab One who is precious and gifted
Zahabia One who is precious as gold
Zahabiya A precious gem
Zahara Shining ; flower
Zahbia Beautiful
Zaheeda One who is pretty
Zaheen Insightful and quick-witted lady
Zaheera A flowering plant
Zaheerah A glowing star
Zahira Shining
Zahirah Shining
Zahiya A brilliant woman ; radiant
Zahiyah A brilliant woman ; radiant
Zahra The Arabic origin name means ‘flower’.
Zahraa White
Zahrah Flower
Zahyaa One who is pure in heart and shines brightly
Zaib A graceful and beautiful woman.
Zaima One who leads; a woman with leadership qualities
Zaina The name of Arabic origin means ‘beauty”excellence”adornment’.
Zainab Daughter of the prophet
Zaira Blossom
Zaitun One who is like olive
Zaituna One who is like the olive tree or fruit
Zakiya One who is pure and God fearing
Zakiyaa Pure
Zakiyyah Pure
Zaleekhah A variant of Zulaikha
Zameelah One who is graceful and attractive
Zameena An intellectual person
Zaneerah One who is an intelligent and wise woman.
Zar Mina A precious gem like a diamond
Zara The baby name in Hebrew means ‘princess’. The name in Arabic origin also means ‘high exalted”pinnacle’
Zarah Blossom
Zarbaha One who is precious and shines brightly
Zareefa One who is elegant and intelligent
Zareen A beautiful smile
Zareenah A companion of Prophet (S.A.W)
Zargul One who is bright-faced like an angel
Zarifa One who is successful ; moves with grace
Zarine One who is bright as gold; a shining light
Zarka One who is elegant
Zarma A captivating beauty
Zarnab One who is as precious as gold
Zartasha One who is made up of golden stars.
Zauna To be alive
Zayana One who beautifies and adorns something
Zayba Decorated with Ornaments; A captivating beauty
Zaybah Highly irresistible beauty
Zayda Lucky
Zayna Beauty
Zaynab Daughter of the prophet
Zaynah One who is full of beauty and life
Zaytoon Zaytoon means an olive
Zea One who emanates light ; splendor
Zeah One who emanates light ; splendor
Zebara Charming and good-looking
Zeeana Zeeana is a name for a girl and means ‘adornment
Zeenat The feminine name of Arabic origin means ‘honour”beauty’.
Zehba Gold
Zehna One who is pleasing and alluring
Zehra Full of life
Zerah Rising of light
Zerya Kurdish word for sea.
Zevah One who is highly productive
Zikiya One who is smart and intelligent
Zinah Captivating beauty
Zinat Goddess of beauty
Zinat-un-nisa Decorated with ornaments
Ziya The name means ‘light or source of light’ in Arabic.
Ziynet One who is precious and valuable
Zoha A ray of light
Zohha A bright leading light
Zohura A precious gem like a diamond
Zoobia One who is blessed with good life
Zoona A sensible
Zoraida Uncertain
Zoufishan One who is devoted and affectionate
Zoya Loving and caring
Zoysa One who is peculiar or unique
Zubaida Marigold
Zubaidah Excellent
Zubaria One who blossoms like a flower
Zubash A precious gem
Zubeida One who is the best and sofy-bodied
Zubi An affectionate and intellectual being
Zudora A laborer ; hardworking woman
Zuha Morning star
Zuhaira One who is fearless
Zuhairah One who is bright-faced like an angel
Zuhera Bright-faced like an angel
Zuhra The first three nights of the lunar month
Zuleika Brilliant
Zulema Peace
Zuleyka Beautiful
Zulfa One who is beloved
Zumzum The purest water in heaven
Zurafa One who is graceful
Zya One who emanates light ; splendor
Zyah One who emanates light ; splendor
Zykaraya A stylish and elegant being
Zyva Bright-faced like an angel

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